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Training Camp 9/24/16



Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016

 Time: 9 am - 1 pm 

  Location Map : St. Louis Community College - Florissant Valley




It was a great Training Camp! Thanks to all the presenters as well as all the teams who attended and brought their enthusiasm and Gracious Professionalism.  Below is the schedule we ran.  




E -154

E- 156





9:00 - 9:20




9:30 - 9:50





Judging Expectations

FTA/Scorekeeper training

Game Strategy

Keep Your Team Organized

Android Studio Set up

Build a Bot

Game field set up


Think: The engineering notebook

FTA/Scorekeeper training continues to 10:50, Ref/Inspector Training starts at 10:40


Surviving your season

Android Studio Programming


There is More to Robotics Than the Robot; Inspire Overview

Ref/Inspector training continues

Mechanical Design

Preparing for qualifier


Meet Operations


Don't let the smoke out

Pit pizazz



Using Sensors

Dean's List



Wrap up/ Open Discussion





Build a Bot

Webster Groves will be working with any team that wants to do a build session. Bring your kit of parts.

Android Studio Set Up

Learn how to get you phone and computer set up to start programming in Android Studio.

Android Studio Programming

Overview of programming in Android Studio.  Bring your laptop with software installed.  NO INTERNET AVAILABLE.

Judging Expectations

Hear from some judges what "Gracious Professionalism" means in their eyes and how to conduct yourself in an interview.

Meet Operations

In 1 hour follow how to run a meet from start to finish.  We will be demonstrating the flow, responsibilities, and how it can be done.

Surviving your Rookie and beyond season

Wonder what your 1st year, or 2nd for that matter looks like?  These folks will help you get an understanding.

Alicorn Programming

Want an alternative to Android Studio? Alicorn lets you program in Java Script or Rubi. No laptop needed (though you could bring it)

Game Strategy

How do you decide what’s most important in the game? Hear from a veteran team their approaches and thoughts.

Don't let the smoke out: Electrical system safety

Don't cross the wires... The electrical system is critical to your robot and expensive. Learn how to avoid some mistakes.

Think: The engineering notebook

The notebook is a key piece of your season. It factors heavily in awards, and your robot development.  This team has been to World for their notebook.

Inspire: There is More to Robotics Than the Robot

The top award in FTC is the Inspire award but how do you win it?  Hear from last years’ state winner what they did.

Using Sensors

This team has a record for winning the Control award for autonomous programming.  Effective sensor use is a big part of their game.

FTA/Scorekeeper training

This session is for anyone who would like to learn about the volunteer training in these positions.

Ref/Inspector training

This session is for anyone who would like to learn about the volunteer training in these positions.

Pit Pizazz - Marketing Matters

Qualifier success is about more than your robot running well.  It also takes selling your team strengths to others. The pits tell a story.

Scouting/Alliance Selection

Who do you want to be a partner in the elimination round? How do you get to be "that teams" partner? Listen to their advice.

Preparing for the Qualifier

A qualifier is not a practice or scrimmage, and more than a meet.  Here is how you prepare yourself for the controlled chaos.

Dean's List Award

The Dean's List Award is the top award for an individual on a team. Let's talk about when, who and how to nominate as well as basic prep for the nominee.

The Challenge of Keeping Your Team Organized

How do you fill your team and keep membership on track?

Mechanical Design (Drives, gripper, frame)

Without a drive system, frame, and manipulator your robot is literally going nowhere. Here are some ideas to get you started.



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